The Wandering Jerusalem

The Wandering Jerusalem

Leonid Zeiger

Text: Irena Gordon

Opening: Wednesday 08.04.2015 at 19:00

In the video “The Wandering Jerusalem” we see six men unhurriedly carrying an enormous painting through Jerusalem. The greater part of the canvas is white, with an image reminiscent of Jerusalem showing through. One that exists – or else, one that does not. As it travels through the physical space of the city, the art acquires authenticity; it permeates reality and wanders within it, while the real city becomes more and more illusory.

So what sort of interrelationship exists between reality and its visual form, and how much does it depend on the viewer‘s perception? Zeiger’s works, in particular “Anthropomorphic Cosmos” and “Quadriptych in Terracotta,” address these questions through apparition-like images and white planes. These works are the result of multiple acts of demarcation and erasure, creation and destruction, layering and manifestation. Each one imitates the natural flow of time and its effect on objects of art, the process whereby the painting surface decays and the layers are laid bare. The painting reveals to the viewer that which is absent, which is not there, and in this way virtually offers him an entire world; a world with a prosaic present, a heroic past, and a transcendental future.

Excepts from the text by Irena Gordon “The Ghosts of Art”

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08.04.15 – 04.05.15
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לחצו כאן

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