The Dark Side

The Dark Side

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19.1.12 – 13.3.12 Opening: Thursday
Curators: Sara Nina Meridor and Oded Zaidel

“Dunkel ist das Leben, ist der Tod ”
Dark is life, is death
(the song of the earth, after Li Bai)

Agripas 12 Gallery is opening a new exhibition: “The Dark Side” featuring 11 of the gallery’s artists alongside 7 guest artists.
The Dark Side seeks to present the darkness within the process of creation. The struggle between light and shadow, that which is and that which isn’t, out of which art is formed.
The dark side, invisible, unknown, accompanies us on every step. It is the anger, the jealousy, the revenge, the despair, the sadness.
It is the power that invigorates art, that pushes forward life in an attempt to overcome it, to accept it, to contain it.
At this exhibition we opted for a strict rule as a starting point: opposites. only black and white.
The objective was to show how one can create a whole universe out of that dichotomy.
How is it, that what appears as distinct from afar: black/white, light/shadow, becomes complex, a whole, reality as we get closer to examine it, as we allow the dark side to leak into the light.
Art deals in the blurring of that clear delineation, in turning that dichotomy into a dualism.
Art uses this dark material, “shaded” by consciousness, and demonstrates to us how the entire world is stricken by this darkness, how it retreats towards it and is created from it.
The exhibition features black and white works, each creating a whole world of its own, out of the balance of light and shadow, is and isn’t, in different shades of darkness.
Out of this struggle between light and shadow, each artist crystallizes his own creation, the amount of darkness that is his own, and that is just right for his depiction of reality.

Sara Nina Meridor and Oded Zaidel

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19.1.12 – 13.3.12
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לחצו כאן

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