Subliminal Image

  • Leonid Zeiger לאוניד זייגר
  • Leonid Zeiger oil-canvas-2011-115x95
  • Leonid Zeiger לאוניד זייגר. oil-canvas-2011-50x40
  • Leonid Zeiger לאוניד זייגר,oil-canvas-2009-40x40

Subliminal Image

Leonid Zeiger

Curator: Tzvi Tolkovsky

Opening: Thursday 24.11.11 at 19:00


The main subject of my works is ambivalence of perception, on the brink of image recognizability.

Probably, for me the most appealing thing about painting is the possibility to uncover those qualities of perception of the world, which cannot be rationally formulated.

Important to me in my works is the sense of a temporality and the absence of conventional spatial characteristics. There, a human being is devoid of concrete features such as the body, age or gender and has no glance. There are only colour and the architectonic tension, which have arisen within the rectangle of the canvas.

Let’s try to imagine how a human being is viewed by a creature of another species, for instance, an insect. Do notions of beauty and ugliness exist outside human mind? I believe they don’t. However, how complex and ambiguous our feelings may be, even within our perception! For instance, states of curiosity and fear may well coexist, intensifying each other.

In my view, the language of painting is most suitable for expressing such experience.

Leonid Zeiger (b. 1965) studied at the Mukhina Art Academy in Saint Petersburg, Mural Painting Faculty. Since 1990 lives and works in Jerusalem. Has presented numerous solo exhibitions in Israel, Russia and Germany, and participated in many group exhibitions. Leonid is a member of the cooperative art gallery “Agripas 12″ and is the creator of the Internet site which presents contemporary Israeli artists in their working surroundings.

Leonid Zeiger

* Subliminal: Existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence emotions or mental processes.

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24.11.11 - 20.12.11
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לחצו כאן

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