Ruth Schreiber | Nine Measures

Born in London, the artist Ruth Schreiber has lived and worked in Jerusalem for almost 40 years. In this exhibition, Schreiber presents a corpus of artworks from different periods inspired by the environment in which she operates. She collects, extracts, measures and samples from the city’s genetic code and its human tapestry. Her works are repeated attempts to decipher Chazal’s (the Sages) intention in their verse “Ten measures (Kabin) of beauty descended on the world, nine measures fell on Jerusalem and one was divided across the rest of the whole world” (Babylonian Talmud: Kiddushin. 49b), and to offer an interpretation of her own.

Through photography, video, painting, sculpture and embroidery, Schreiber produces a series of short stories and provides a personal, mostly urban, visual lexicon. In her travels through Jerusalem, she searches for the intimate and the unexpected. She inquires about her place within those, and about the feelings of belonging and strangeness that accompany her in that process.

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Exhibition Date
29.6.2019 - 29.5.2019

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