My Sorrow is Luminous

Max Epstein: My Sorrow is Luminous


Curator: Natalia Kopelyanskaya

New solo exhibition of sculptures and drawings by Max Epstein explores the depth and light of human sorrow depth and ability to reflect that darkest time of human being through arts.

Max Epstein is Israeli multidisciplinary visual artist, based in Jerusalem, Israel. He is a member of the Agripas 12 gallery group. His art spans many genres and includes a variety of subject matter. He is a photographer, graphic and an animation maker as well as a true art educator. Since 1992 Max formed his artistic language from classic arts, films, theatre, animated drawings, etc. Max Epstein restlessly continues to test the expressive limits of his own art. In his latest series of sculptures, he started doing the exercises with an axe using the old wood he found all over Jerusalem and other places.

“Salt on an Axe” the title of the wooden series refers to the line from poem of Osip Mandelshtam (Washing last night at the yard…). Max transformed that image into a powerful movement and rhythm, and it makes the whole display to look like as a praise of human existence and emanate the light. The new series is complemented and fused with the bronze sculptures, sketches and drawings, connected by the subject the wooden series.

Giving his own interpretation of the project Max noted the reflective personal journey on the myriad of changes of the body when we deal with longing, losing the dearest someone who has is disappearing. There is no real way to deal with everything we lose, but to start to share our unconditioned feelings and to start the healing process. It’s a sorrow that inevitably create a magic insight and enhanced in art.


Credits for the attached images: Max Epstein

Exhibition Details
Exhibition Date
14.03.2020 – 15.02.2020

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