Mental Landscape

  • Max Epstein
  • Gabi Yair
  • Doron Adar
  • Leonid Zeiger
  • Leora Wise
  • Nadia Adina Rose
  • Oded Zaidel
  • Rina Peled

The New Gallery – Artists’ Studios Teddy is happy to host members of Agripas 12 Gallery with their exhibition Mental Landscape. This exhibition is one of two group shows by the gallery’s members that will take place simultaneously in both of the spaces: The New Gallery – Artists’ Studios Teddy and Agripas 12.
The term “mental landscape” describes how an image of a geographical landscape transforms into its metaphysical, subjective representation; the way a memory of an actual place can become an idea, engraved in one’s consciousness and freed from its physical attributes. In this exhibition, the participating artists engage with the theme of a landscape. Some of the works feature specific scenery – an observation of nature or the industrial parts of Jerusalem; while others, explore mythological stories from the bible or Jewish folklore.
Works by Oded Zeidel, Rina Peled, Doron Adar, Gabi Yair and Nadia-Adina Rose directly address the theme of landscapes. Oded Zaidel exhibits paintings from his series Panoramas, exploring industrial landscapes and construction sites in Jerusalem. Rina Peled exhibits several works from her series Urban Landscape and Doron Adar presents photographs from the series Landscape Interrupted. All of these works signify the transition from an objective documentation of a specific landscape to a subjective, internal and mystical depiction of reality. Nadia-Adina Rose creates various installations consisting of different objects that reference fragments of nature. Leonid Zeiger exhibits a large-scale painting (Jerusalem Hills), examining the theme of landscape through the exploration of a female body. Leora Wise creates a site-specific sculpture depicting the biblical character of Tamar, while Max Epstein exhibits his installation Wiretapping, drawing inspiration from the Jewish folk story of the Golem. Most of these works were created especially for this exhibition. The landscape of Jerusalem – both physically and metaphorically – is “present-absent” in the show. The presence of this complicated geo-political and historically charged sphere seeps into the works as a subliminal quiet stream
Dina Yakerson

The New Gallery –Artists’ Studios Teddy is a municipal center of the Jerusalem Municipality Division of Visual Art that has been active for nearly twenty years, in order to promote visual art in Jerusalem and encourage young and promising artists to remain and create in the city. Located in an inner space under the seat rows in the Teddy Stadium, the center includes 19 work spaces available for leading artists from Israel and abroad. It also houses a gallery which presents temporary contemporary art exhibitions.

The New Gallery – Artists’ Studios Teddy hosts Agripas 12 Gallery: Mental Landscape””

Opening: Saturday 7.5, 19:30
Closing: 4.6.16

Curator: Dina Yakerson
Artists: Doron Adar, Max Epstein, Leora Wise, Oded Zeidel, Leonid Zeiger, Gabi Yair, Rina Peled

The New Gallery – Artists’ Studios Teddy,
Agudat Sport Beitar, Teddy Stadium (gate 22), Jerusalem

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday, Friday 11:00-14:00
Monday, Thursday 16:30-19:30

For further information:
The New Gallery – Artists’ Studios: 02-5834272, 050-5769114

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