Like a Whisper

Like a Whisper

An Art exhibition of the members of Agripas 12 Gallery and their invited guest artists

“Every word has consequence. Every silence, too”

 Jean-Paul Sartre, Selected Essays

“In a world that screams, your works are whispers and that makes them stronger”; this was said to me by a visitor to my first solo exhibition in Milano more than 20 years ago.

The world is still screaming, maybe even more stridently now than ever – our politicians, reality shows, negative or fake news in Social Media and the Internet; the cacophony reigns and overwhelms us.

The artists taking part in this exhibition tell stories which are ignored many times: issues or people who remain invisible. These voices struggle to be heard or to be noticed, because they don’t generate economic or political power.

The art works in Like a Whisper (quoting Tracy Chapman) might not talk about a revolution; nevertheless, they bring to the spotlight sensations that are not usually encompassed by most of the world. This is our gift to society; our role as artists is to “dub”[1] feelings and thoughts. From language to language, we can connect, we can become witnesses.

The artists in this show have the courage to become vulnerable[2], to see the imperfect, to be imperfect and to present it. If we succeed with our art and poetry to build a bridge, the whisper might be heard, it might penetrate through to awareness.

Andi Arnovitz, Mazal Carmon, Lucy Elkivity, Max Epstein, Sarah Nina Meridor, Ana Clara Polat Mintz, Rina Peled, Nadia Adina Rose, Bitya Rosenak, Ruth Schreider, Gabi Yair, Michael Yakhilevich, Lena Zaidel, Oded Zaidel, Doron Adar, Alejandra Okret.

Text: Alejandra Okret

Curators: Alejandra Okret & Doron Adar

For the catalog of the exhibition, press here.

[1] Moshe Zuckerman “The relationship between Art and History” (lecture)

[2] Brené Brown, “The Power of Vulnerability” Sounds True (1994)

Exhibition Details
Exhibition Date
22.07.2017 - 09.09.2017

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