Knight, Lady, Dragon

Leonid Zeiger “Knight, Lady, Dragon”

Text by Tali Ben Nun

Opening: Thursday, June 16th, 19:00
Closing: July 11th

The exhibition “Knight, Lady, Dragon” is based on three monumental paintings. These works induct the viewer into a world that raises questions about human nature, emotional conflict, and the history of art.

In two of the three paintings, the artist portrays himself and his wife as iconic images that embody an absurd amalgam of Renaissance influences and futuristic blockbuster cinema. Each of the figures is suspended in the center of a large rhombus, which is hanging by a corner. The portraits of the man and the woman are transformed into symbolic images of a kind of “still life,” embodying the tension of a living object – changing, feeling, believing that it still lives, yet frozen in time so that it can enter the eternal world of painting.

In this exhibition Leonid Zeiger continues to explore, in his own way, fundamental questions concerning the roles of artist and painting in contemporary art. From the starting point to the end, each painting is created through a process that involves deconstructing, combining, searching, doubting. This time Zeiger chooses to touch upon themes that are essential to painting – the figure and the portrait – and in a sense brings back the discourse around the body to the fine line between modernism and postmodernism. Each one of the exhibited paintings is a compact and dense entity that conveys, by means of color and form, the sensation of a personal memory or a unique moment.

In this exhibition, more than ever before, Zeiger is employing artistic methods characteristic of the medieval era and the early Renaissance, when abstract concepts were imbued with a vital significance. The local milieu in which Zeiger lives and works transforms in his paintings into a private world with a personal mythology, a world that has practically no connection to reality. The large-scale canvases hint at a prolonged and sinuous process of searching, one in which there is also a considerable element of playfulness and irony.

Death, love, passion and universal forces manage to elude lofty interpretation and remain within immediate, day-to-day limits. As the images pass through the prism of the fantastical, boundaries disappear between the rational and emotional, between violence, decadence, and beauty.

*Excerpts from a text by Tali Ben Nun

Exhibition Details
Exhibition Date
16.06.16 - 11.07.16

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