Leonid Zeiger: IN PROCESS

  • Leonid Zeiger
  • Leonid Zeiger לאוניד זייגר
  • Leonid Zeiger לאוניד זייגר
  • Leonid Zeiger לאוניד זייגר


Leonid Zeiger

In the framework of Manofim 2013 project

Curator: Katya Oicherman

Opening: Thursday 17.10.2013 at 20:00

The creative act is a process. From the inside and the outside perspectives it is seen and perceived differently. That which may seem to the viewer indistinct, unfinished, raw, may well already be of certain value to the artist. More than that, the discovery as such lies in the work material, at the starting point of the process, in the pencil sketch, or in the hidden brushstroke on the canvas. The idea is born and secured, the artist has experienced the rapture of discovery; next comes the development, the explanation not so much to oneself as to the viewer, giving it a form that is easier for others to perceive.
This “raw material” is usually inaccessible to the viewer, but is undoubtedly of interest for the understanding of the creative process. In fact, this process is the essence of the artist’s work, the central moment on the way from conception to implementation. This work happens in the studio and stretches on for months and years, depending on the manner, the technique, and the mood. By photographing the work at different stages and by juxtaposing sketches with finished paintings I trace the process of creation. This exhibition demonstrates such a “tracing” experiment and allows it to be seen as an act that is valuable in itself, as a product of art.

Excerpt from the talk of Katya Oicherman and Leonid Zeiger, October 2013

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17.10.13 – 12.11.13
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לחצו כאן

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