A new exhibit of paintings by Rina Peled, sums up her creative process of the past two years. In contrast to her earlier works, where the affinity with abstraction stands out, the works in the current exhibit have a narrative nature. In almost all the works it is possible to see a figure, the result of Rina’s observation of reality combined with her memory/imagination. The figures are calm, and give her works a romantic dimension.

Alongside this dimension, there is an additional, almost tragic one, the result of the artist’s complex relationship with reality. On the one hand, she connects to the contemporary, urban reality around her, and aspires to turn the painting into a documentary statement. Yet at the same time,
she attempts to go beyond concrete reality, to activate the sense of memory, and to arrive at different regions and times in order to express her personal narratives.

However, the attempt of the artist to extract the personal narrative from reality runs against disruptions, against many obstacles: bars walls, fences, curtains, nets and the like. Indeed, in each one of the exhibited works, it is possible to distinguish traces of the almost obsessive struggle with these disruptions.

Curator: Max Epstei

Exhibition Details
Exhibition Date
13.10.18 - 6.9.18

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