Rina peled / Concrete

Opening: 16/8/2016 at 20:00

Closing: 10/9/2016

Curator: Dina Yakerson

The exhibition Concrete presents the works of Agripas 12 Gallery member Rina Peled, mostly from her latest series of paintings Urban Landscape – the outcome of an intensive work process from the last few months. Most of the works were painted on different packing cardboards and depict fragments of urban landscapes.

Peled, armed with a camera, wanders around the streets that surround her house on HaNeviim Street in the center of Jerusalem and captures what she sees: dilapidated buildings, skeletons of houses that are yet to be covered by the Jerusalem Stone, bare wires, sand, gravel and concrete. All these make their way into the studio where they undergo an internal process, transforming into mental impressions of a dense urban reality. In her works “the medium is the message” since the coarse cardboard – a mundane raw material found mostly in construction sites – corresponds with the works’ subject matter, while dedicating their final visual results.

Walter Benjamin writes: “Not to find one’s way around a city does not mean much. But to lose one’s way in a city, as one loses one’s way in a forest, requires some schooling. Street names must speak to the urban wanderer like the snapping of dry twigs, and little streets in the heart of the city must reflect the times of day, for him, as clearly as a mountain valley” (from Berlin Childhood Around 1900). As an urban wanderer, the debris and urban waste – Peled’s immediate environment – serve as a starting point for a poetic exploration. This is not the artist’s first venture into landscape painting. However, if previously the landscapes in her paintings served as a haven – a distant and nostalgic fantasy, through which one could transcend the everyday reality in Israel, Concrete offers a disillusioned outlook on “the here and now”. The series is dominated by chaotic atmosphere of destruction, construction, dust, and the smell of bare concrete. In this exhibition, the spectator is invited to listen to construction noises emanating from the pieces, and at the same time to dive into the expanses of the artist’s consciousness.

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Exhibition Date
- 10.9.2016 16.8.2016

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