Artist’s Bed

Artist’s Bed

The exhibit Artist’s Bed presents works by Max Epstein and Olga Goltzer, in addition to a work by a guest artist: Lihi Goltzer.

Max Epstein shows assemblages that contain a captivating mixture of the Baroque “cabinet of curiosities” and the Dada and surrealist artists’ objects trouvés. The way the objects are presented in the gallery space, in their abundance and wealth, their density and eclectic nature, turns the gallery into a “wunderkammer” or Baroque “space of wonders”. Nevertheless, the objects themselves, in terms of their content and meaning, echo first and foremost, the Dadaist-surrealist objects trouvés and evoke memories of works by Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Meret Oppenheim and others.

The exhibit Artist’s Bed exposes before us the attitude of Max Epstein as an artist in the world. As an obsessive wanderer and gatherer, he brings to the studio different objects that draw his attention. There, through his assiduous artisanship of soldering, gluing and welding, they undergo a process of metamorphosis and turn into art objects that express the artist’s way of looking at reality and his attitude towards it. This is an attitude that contains not only a flight from reality, an invitation to “sleep actively” or to dream, but also a critique.

Olga Goltzer, whose “Anima verite” is projected on the ceiling of the gallery, above the bed that is placed in the center of the space, is also an obsessive collector and creates a nostalgic-dreamlike world with the help of the imagination out of objects taken from reality.

Alongside works by these two artists, the series “Medals” by guest artist Lihi Goltzer (Olga’s daughter) are shown. These “medals” were created from the scraps left over from Olga’s work that the artist awards to her two older colleagues.

Text by Rina Peled

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Exhibition Date
1.12.18 - 22.12.18

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