Gabi Yair was wounded in a military training accident – a hand grenade exploded prematurely and crushed some of the fingers in his right hand. This happened between two wars – the Six-day War (1967) and Yom Kippur War (1973), at a time when Israeli art called into question matters of borders, body and memory. Although Yair’s digital drawings were created many years after the accident, they still embody issues of manhood, intricacy, grid, obliteration and obscuring. Moreover, the digital drawings convey Yair’s inner struggle through the stress created between expressiveness and finesse, humor and trial and error.
This is Gabi Yair’s fourth solo exhibition, coming after more than a decade of prolific artistic activity, during which his works were displayed in dozens of group exhibitions. He also illustrated poetry books and participated in various artists groups. The exhibition seeks to examine Yair’s art in light of the contemporary Israeli reality: trauma and anxiety on a daily basis, constant friction between populations and the nostalgic memory of Israel in the seventies. This is the cynical, transient Israel, lyrical and intuitive at the same time.
The exhibition consists of dozens of printed digital drawings and a unique, original space design, creating a place and a scene of action. This “totalitarian” space is shrouded in a seemingly heroic, national and Zionist propaganda, but at the same time it exposes the fractures and pain that emerge out of the subconscious.

“Gabi Yair “Duel
Curator: Liav Mizrahi
Opening: Saturday 12.3.2016 at 20:00
Gallery Talk: Saturday 26.3.2016 at 20:00
Closing: 4.4.2016

Exhibition Details
Exhibition Date
12,3,16 - 4,4,16

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