Acqua Bella

Acqua Bella, Bitya Rosenak

Acqua Bella, (Beautiful Water) with this title to her new exhibition at Agripas 12 Gallery opening 11th February Bitya Rosenak makes a statement: my works talk about beauty, the beauty inherent to water. She doesn’t say “L’aqua è bella”, Water is Beautiful, but crowns water in Italian with the highest judgement of aesthetics; making it in an undividable unity without the option of the verb to be in-between acqua and bella. Italian being the language of art and music, words such as – chiaroscuro, composizione, sfumatto, allegro, andante – all come from the scientific critical writings developed first in the Italian Renaissance.
Acqua – Water one of the five elements; flows through these work allowing the pigment to stay, leaving a trace of “Joie de vivre”, producing beauty. Without water there is no life and Bitya Rosenak points to us to the beauty of water simple existence. Life and art untwined themselves, pumping through the works.
The artist started by observing the effect of mold in different substances, documenting it with her camera, producing stunning photographs (some of them were printed on cotton paper for the show). Then the movement of brush started playing on the different porosity of the surfaces such as – acoustic plaster ceilings blocks, lab paper, the best Arches cotton paper and even Formica pieces-. Rosenak becomes an experimentalist artist. She lets the water do its job and flows herself with it, becoming one with the liquid colour. Checking the effect of sunshine and shade, giving time the chance to have it final saying. The texture of each media creates variations of luminosity and transparency giving birth to different series – the stones, the fungi circles, the sea toing and froing, landscapes, precious stones, the running rivers creating drainage basins-wadis, and more cosmic creations still open to be discovered.
As water in nature affects the elements so it’s given the illusion of free license. In spite of Bitya Rosenak talking about herself “only” as a facilitator, each action she takes is the one of a very serious Art Master that knows when to stay passive, when to touch with her brush, charge it with Ecoline, or just add “pure water”. The paintings become witnesses of the magic that took place in the studio.
Bella, Bella Acqua…
Alejandra Okret, January 2016
אבינועם רוזנק.

“Acqua Bella”. Bitya Rosenak
Curator: Alejandra Okret
Gallery talk: 25.2.16

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