Oded Zaidel

Selected group exhibitions

2005 Edge, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
2005 New Members, The Artists House ,Jerusalem ,Curators : Noemi Tadeschi Blankett,Anne Sasoon
2006 Ebb and Flow, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
2005 V International Biennale of Drawing, Pilsen, Czech Republic,Catalog.
2006 Works in Black, Tribute to Tova Berlinsky, Agripas 12 Gallery , Jerusalem ,Curator : Orna Milo
2007 ,The Desert Generation, The Artists’ House,Jerusalem and The Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv
Curator :larry Abramson
2008 Traces – III – The Third Biennale for Drawing in Israel, Agripas 12 Gallery Jerusalem
Chif Curator : Dalia Manor,Curator at Agripas 12 : Doron Livne
2009 ,Duo Exhibition, Nina Gallery, Jerusalem, Curator : Boris Leker
2010 Fresh Paint-3, Contemporary art fair, Jaffa Port, tel Aviv
2010 Four Walls,Agripas 12 Gallery,Jerusalem,Curator:Lena Zaidel

Project Description

Oded Zaidel

1960 Born in Jerusalem
1987 Graduate of the Department of Graphic Design, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
2000 EMBA, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2005 Member of the Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association
2005 Member of Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
2006 Guest Artist at the Jerusalem Print WorkshopLives and works in Jerusalem

Solo Exhibitions

2005 LandscapePainting, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem,Curator : Lena Zaidel
2006 Sand, Gravel and Cement, Cliff Gallery, Netanya ,Curator : Monica Lavy
2008 Asphalt, Iron and Concrete, Ella Gallery, Jerusalem,Curator : Ella Klier Ariel
2008 Romema,Talpiot, Agripas 12 Gallery,Jerusalem,Text : Doron livne
2012 The Surface (With Lena Zaidel)Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Curator:Yonatan Amir
2012 Jerusalem panoramas (with Lena Zaidel) The Shalom Tower Gallery, Curator:David Sharir

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