Rita Mendes-Flohr

BLACK SABRES – Inner Journeys in a Burning Reality


Curator: Rina Peled


BLACK SABRES – Inner Journeys in a Burning Reality, a solo exhibit by the artist Rita Mendes-Flohr, raises questions about art and the social commitment of the artist, showing works from two series of photographs based on very different approaches that are exhibited in an interwoven way. On the one hand, there are the “Black Sabres”, black and white photographs of decaying cacti in extreme closeup, on the brink of abstraction, that speak about aging and decay as well as sensuality and Eros. On the other, the series of photos titled “The Jordan Valley, Just Before” of Bedouin shepherds who are driven off their lands, often violently, by young settlers from illegal outposts. Both the sabres and the Palestinian Bedouins are holding on -the sabres in their refusal to be uprooted, the Bedouin who persevere in going out with their sheep in the face of encroaching annexation of their lands.


On the left: from the series “Black Sabres”

Opening: Thursday July 23, 2020


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